Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Preserve

Launch Site Bluff Point to Fisher's Island Sound


1-95 to exit 88 onto 117 in Groton. Head towards water (south) thru two lights to the junction of Rt. 1.  Right on Rt. 1. Left at first light (Depot Road).  Continue under R.R. overpass on to Bluff Point State Park. Parking in gravel parking lot. No charges.



This point of land, distinguished by an oddly shaped tombolo beach sand spit jutting into Long Island Sound, with a rocky bluff, is the last significant undeveloped land along Connecticut's coast. Beach is a one half hour walk from parking area.

One mile wide and half as long, the reserve preserves 806 acres of woodland, wetland and shoreline. A loop trail of nearly
four miles weaves through woods that open near the water. The trail passes the site of the former Governor Winthrop residence, meets the beach at Bluff Point, and returns to the parking lot along the Poquonock River.
From Bluff Point, one may walk down Bluff Point Beach and Bushy Point Beach to the spit's terminus at Bushy Point.
Hikers should take precautions against deer ticks.
A 100 acre tidal salt marsh, inland impoundments, and upland forest offer excellent hiking and nature study opportunities.

This Park adjoins Haley Farm State Park

Scenic 3.6 mile loop along main trail at Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve in Groton, CT. Trail runs along
beautiful Long Island Sound shore and through wooded areas. Relatively flat, but rocky. There are three main fire roads that have pedestrian traffic and are flat. Please note that dirt bikers have found this park useful. "On the interior of the penninsula, there are single track trails that get less use, but still stay alert for other users." I do not believe this is an allowed use, however the park is 806 acres.

In addition to hiking and nature viewing, visitors fish from the beach, sunbathe and picnic.

Beaches, Picnic, Hike, Bird Watch, Nature Viewing, Historic Sites, Mountain Bike, Horse Trails, Fish, Boat Launch, Sea Kayak, Canoe, Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe.

Deer Population Control:

State officials closed a 30-acre section of Bluff Point State Parkto reduce the size of the deer population. The deer is donated to local food charities. Overabundant deer population is destroying the natural habitat of the area. The remaining area of Bluff Point State Park, Bluff Point Coastal Reserve and Haley Farm State Park remained open to the public.